Welcome to Antiquonia: Internet not included

In this classic point-and-click adventure, Sarah does not remember how she got to Antiquonia, but she has plenty of time to unravel the puzzle of her past as she explores the town where the Internet is not welcome.

Intruder in Antiquonia has a captivating story with a good sense of humor. It is mainly a mystery drama with a bit of comedy to break the tension. Sarah is found on the roadside that leads to Antiquonia by Karim, the town's ambulance driver. Karim loves a good mystery and will be particularly interested in helping Sarah out to see where the rabbit hole leads. Karim reports the case to Julia, the police officer, who will be personally invested since her boss is not too excited about the case.

As the story unfolds, Sarah will meet several characters with their own stories and motivations. Like Samuel, who used to own a bar and now takes care of the garden for the nuns of the convent.

Antiquonia will transport you to the enchanting region of Galicia, Spain, through the cloudy skies and antique buildings that convey a melancholic mood. As an example, the bar in town is half a bar and half a grocery store, a very traditional type of business that you can only find in the most traditional towns of Galicia.

A lake near Antiquonia The main square in town The clinic of Antiquonia Samuel at the convent garden The police station of Antiquonia Hostel where Aida works The town square at night Bar owned by Claudia Karim's house Downtown Antiquonia


Why is there no Internet in Antiquonia?
Something tragic happened here several years ago that caused locals to close themselves off to the outside world.
Is Sarah from Antiquonia?
Not really… Maybe… It’s classified 😉
Was Sarah abducted by aliens?
While Antiquonia might seem a bit alien at times, this is not a sci-fi or fantasy game.
Will it have bugs?
We are following best-in-class engineering practices, with high-quality code, automated tests, and manual tests. And if any bug has slipped through the cracks, let us know and we will fix it ASAP.
How do I know the story is good?
Being a mystery, there isn’t much more we can unveil without spoilers. Three different people worked on the script; two of them professional writers. We also tested the different phases of scriptwriting with a prototype to make sure it makes sense even when playing it in different ways.
Is there moon logic in puzzles?
Absolutely not! Puzzles were designed together with the writers to make sure they are deeply integrated into the story and make sense. They are always solvable by applying logic, and there is always some line of dialogue that will nudge you in the right direction.
Can I save my progress?
We have both autosave and manual saves. Auto-saves should have you covered in case you lose power. Manual saves give you full control in case you want to replay a particular part of the game.
The road

We are an indie game development studio from A Coruña, Spain.

We are Silvia and Rubén, the founders of Aruma Studios. The studio, as well as ourselves, were born in the enchanting region of Galicia, on the Atlantic side of Spain. Our passion is developing games that make you use your brain while crafting engaging stories. Intruder in Antiquonia is our first commercial adventure, but not our first game. We have already released three more: a free adventure for the web and two puzzle games for mobile phones.

The road

“I studied advertisement and PR, but I quickly found my true passion in production. I’ve worked in several TV and movie production companies and even dabbled with entrepreneurship before by teaching foreigners Spanish. We are capturing the feeling of the beautiful Galician towns in this game, and that feels truly special. Also, I love how I can translate many of my production skills to this genre, while at the same time learning new skills specific to video game production.”

Silvia Izquierdo

Production Director

The road

“My dream has been to make an adventure game since I was a kid and played Loom and Maniac Mansion with my father. I started my engineering career 20+ years ago, working in virtual reality well before it was mainstream, and have worked since in the CGI industry as well as Google. I love this new adventure because it’s a break from the traditional 9 to 5 to do something very personal, with love and passion.”

Rubén López

Engineering Director

This is one I’ve known about for a while now! I’m a big fan of Quantum Derail and very excited to see the progress on Intruder in Antiquonia every time Aruma Studios post an update! 😄
— TurianShepard
Man, I truly love the artstyle of this game. 100+ kudos for the designers!
— Grand Poofarian
The road

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